E-mail to order Aarni releses directly from the band. Payment options include 1) PayPal, 2) bank transfer, 3) registered letter, 4) the old cash-in-the-envelope trick. Prices include shipping costs inside the EU. For rest of the planet, add an extra euro or two.

ATTENTION: The stuff will be mailed to thee as a 1st class/air mail UNregistered letter. If thou wilt play it safe in case of some postal catastrophe, thou canst also opt for a registered letter, which will raise the shipping cost somewhat depending on the weight.

'Aarni / Persistence in Mourning Split' CD available from us for 11 € inside the Europa Fort; and 13 € for the rest of this globe. A special Japanese import featuring all kinds of goodies. See Doomintroll's Blog for more information.

'Yogsothery - Gate I: Chaosmogonic Rituals Of Fear' available from us for 10 € (includes planetwide shipping via Air Mail). The standard CD jewelcase comes in an unearthly cardboard slipcase for thy edification & delight. Features an outlandish 20-page full colour booklet with liner notes and lyrics just to make thee feel special & loved. Order thine while our copies last!

'Rising Of Yog-Sothoth: Tribute to Thergothon' 2CD available from us for a measly 8 € inside the EU; 10 € for the rest of this benighted planet. As an added eccentric tr00 d00m feature, the double album comes in a standard CD jewel case. Astonish thy imaginary friends and family with this perfect Antichristmas gift! Cost includes shipping via Air Mail.

'Omnimantia' EP (remix/-master 2010 ev) available for 8 € inside the Europa Fort; 9 € for the rest of the planet. Cheap at twice the price! Cost includes shipping via Air Mail. May also feature bonus tracks...and complimentary doodles by MW on thy request.

Aarni has sold out their own 'Tohcoth' copies. Try instead Epidemie Records or its planetwide distributors.

For you futants who shun physical recordings as being outdated, support us and buy the albums in various possible audio formats from Bandcamp! 'Deliria', 'Bathos' (remaster 2010, includes the original album booklet and other art as hi-res jpgs) and 'Omnimantia' (remix/-master 2010) available, each costing around 4 to 5 € - but thou canst pay even more if it be thy Will.

To add injury to insult, also the Split CD has somewhat surprisingly been sold out, but thou canst get it as a special remastered (Summer 2008 e.v.) CD-R with the original professionally printed album covers for a ridiculous 6 €.

The Double Demo combines the remastered 'Demo 2001' and 'Duumipeikon paluu (promo 2002)' on one CD-R for a measly 6 €.

If thou wouldst like to contact the band, namely Master Warjomaa, with thy love letters and/or charitable material donations, thou canst email him at .

We welcome intelligent e-mail and try to respond as soon as possible. However, avoid sending us spam and subscribing us to thy newsletters or such. Otherwise, we will set Doomintroll or a malicious servitor entity on thine filthy arse and trust us, thou dost not want that to happen.